Thursday, September 15, 2011

School's Out Forever!

I don't know why that song came into my mind when I was writing this post, but actually I do. Who likes school, especially when people ask you what year you're in and you think 5th, like a super senior in high school in my mind, and for some reason is embarassed to state that and says oh.. I'm a senior. I've been back in school for three weeks, alas almost a month, which is basically half way done with the semester.... right? Yeah, even I failed to make that seem right in my mind. The first day of school was like being a freshman for me all over again. Getting lost on campus ( but of course being too prideful to be like the actual freaks that hold a map) let's just say I just had a fieldtrip day. Getting lost on trax ( was still too prideful at the beginning, but then realized that my potential silence may have gotten me on the streets of West Valley, thus being involved in a mugging or having to join a gang). But I can say I'm becoming a city kind of girl. I LOVE Salt Lake so much, and since almost everyone is crazy here I feel like my usual crazy crap in comparison is not so crazy, you can't buy that kind of euphoria.

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  1. Haha everyone has to swallow that pride eventually I guess. I'm glad the U is going great!!