Wednesday, October 13, 2010

This is really starting to ruin my life

A window. Into my bedroom. That's right. I have this window that used to be covered by a lovely tree and shrubbery, but about two months ago my mom decided to trim most of the tree that gave me all the privacy I needed. Now I live in constant fear, everyday. The neighbors parallel to me/anyone who's driving by can see my whole life. Every dance, any nose pick, and even worse, every region of skin they want. I try to pull down my screen whenever I'm in an "exposed situation" but it would be like having a full time job trying to do that crap. I never realized how good I had it with that tree. It provided me a hiding mechanism when I didn't want to talk to someone asking for me at the front door, spying on my neighbors(i never really cared to do that but I would now if I had that tree), you know and other cool stuff. The worst part is that the neighbors have kids, stupid kids that play outside all the time. I'm thinking about moving into the living room until that tree grows back. Or the kids will just grow up faster then they expected.