Monday, June 6, 2011

Past and Future Me

This last week or so I've been hating past me, and for good reason. All of a sudden I feel like present me doesn't have to worry about the consequences of my choices, that's future Nikki's problem. Oh except hello, it really is my problem because I'm not someone else who isn't affected by my decisions. There's some crazy crap going on in my head. For real.

Like the other day I wore shorts,sandals and a short sleeve shirt. Me in the present is thinking: Hey it's so summery and awesome outside, how could you not be wearing this outfit right now? It's like the surface of the sun out there and I can't imagine the temperature going below this perfect 80 degrees. If it gets cold later and you get hypothermia, well that's all future Nikki's deal. How do I think that this is ok? As you can guess I was freezing my a off and pretty pissed off at past Nikki.

So, future Nikki that will be past Nikki when I make these bonehead judgements:stop being insane and think you can do whatever you want. I can't afford to pay for the consequences of being unprepared for tests,unfinished homework, and basically being naked when temperatures drop to 40 degrees.

Since I've been so harsh to future/past me, I just wanted future Nikki to know that present Nikki wishes her a happy cumpleanos in two days! Congrats, you!