Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Go Green or Something

This cruiser is my new best friend. Even though getting up hills makes me feel like I'm pushing the physiological limits of my little body,I still love every moment we spend together. Takes me back to the days when I decided to learn how to ride a bike at age 11, clearly the best decision I've made thus far in my life.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Summa Summa Summatime.

Any opportunity to shake my (although small but still there) booty is a good time for me. I went to a Zumba class with Dora today, and couldn't get enough of the salsa/dame mas gasolina music. I felt just like my girl Britney, and that is not a bad thing in my book.
On another note, my latin self is almost over the hill turning the big 21. This a big year for me, I have one last shot to get on the Disney Channel before it becomes pathetic. Some names that come to mind: Ashley Tisdale or the brother on Hannah Montana (he's like 30 in case you didn't know).
I shamefully started a twitter to try to win some Jonas tickets, nnlatin, still not sure I'm ready to have people read my secrets.

Yesterday was the first day it actually felt like summer to me, eating, having fun with people I don't hate, and games. I feel like nature is finally inviting me to come to the cool kids' party I've wanted to go to for months.