Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Skewl Suxs

Sure higher education is important, yet I can't help feeling like drop kicking school in the face right now. Let's start with the tests, around 50 questions of what might as well be gibberish to me because I can't seem to retain anything I had studied for, plus I seem to get nervous when I begin to look at that stupid scantron. (like it's some hot guy I'm trying to impress? ) Not to mention those uncomfortable chairs and the unstable temperature (I'm either persperating like a 300 pound man, or trying to make my frail little body into a ball to avoid frostbite.) Testing center my butt, they're basically rooting for you to fail.
Homework, didn't we just learn this material in class? I got the jist of the subject, why is there a need to actually make me go over this again, I have priorities, my DVR won't watch itself.

I guess most of my hatred of this semester has to do with the awful, never useful ( no matter how relevant they pretend to make it seem) mathematics. Has anyone ever asked you "What qualifications do you have for this job?" "Oh and can you solve these systems of equations?" After twenty years of life I've decided MATH IS NOT IMPORTANT. Can I get an Amen?

Maybe this whole school thing is not for me, homework? Nah I've got everything I need to know via Disney Channel. So people let's start a new trend where being qualified for your job is nonexistent. The architect is 25% sure the building will be stable, Your doctor will spin a wheel to decide which medicine to prescribe you. Your dentist will dig into random teeth to look for your cavities, but don't sweat it too much if he doesn't find them, you could get lucky and have enough teeth in the front of your mouth to still smile for pictures.